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Register for APLU Co-Sponsored Transforming Undergraduate Education Conference

The Transforming Institutions Conference, which APLU and the Accelerating Systemic Change Network cosponsor, will take place June 12-13 in Minneapolis. This national conference brings together researchers, faculty, center directors, administrators, and policymakers transforming undergraduate education.

The conference will explore the role of institutional and departmental accreditation in supporting change on our campuses. Participants will have the opportunity to identify critical questions facing institutional change, foster connections with colleagues interested in change, and address important topics related to transforming institutions of higher education.

This year, Nathan Grawe will keynote the conference, delving into his research findings in Demographics and The Demand for Higher Education (Johns Hopkins University Press), which examines how recent demographic shifts are likely to affect demand for higher education and explores how colleges and policymakers may respond to meet institutional and national goals. In a follow-up project, The Agile College (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021), Grawe draws on interviews with higher education leaders to provide examples of how proactive institutions are grappling with demographic change.

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