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The IEP Self-Study Process & Outcomes

On February 15, APLU hosted a webinar for our current IEP startup cohort built around the theme of “Self-Study Process & Outcomes.” 

Chris Kozina, Assistant Vice Chancellor, and Stephanie Furlong, Special Projects Manager at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, served as the webinar’s presenters.  

The webinar began with an introduction to the Wisconsin Idea – that education should influence people’s lives beyond the boundaries of the classroom – the University of Wisconsin–Madison will be a model public university in the 21st century, serving as a resource to the public and working to enhance the quality of life within Wisconsin and beyond. 

To begin their self-assessment process, they met with their university’s survey center, developed a survey question and data collection process, developed an interviewee list, and conducted numerous test interviews. They divided the interviewing process between their IEP Leads and IEP Core Team to create a manageable workload. Throughout the interview process, the Wisconsin team asked interviewees for additional leads, identified trends, and reviewed their interview list monthly to ensure diverse voices were included in the process. The interview process closed out after interviewing 150+ individuals over a rough span of five months and developing a SWOT analysis to share with IEP sponsors and executives.  

University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Self-Assessment led to the following growth plans: 

  • Establish Institutional focus on high-potential growth sectors and realize our regional growth potential. 
  • Create new protocols and modernize systems to ensure ease and accessibility to the University for all partners. 
  • Expand UW-Madison’s commitment to public service and ability to influence people’s lives beyond the boundaries of the classroom.  

Interested in Applying for Designation or Comment? 
The next IEP Designation and Comment Deadline for 2023 is May 5, 2023. Access Momentive to submit your application.  

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