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APLU Details Opposition to the Safe Campus Act, H.R. 3403

Washington, DC – The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) today released a legislative analysis on the Safe Campus Act, H.R. 3403. The analysis details the negative effect the bill would have on institutions’ ability to ensure a safe environment.

While “APLU shares the interest in ensuring campus student disciplinary processes are fair to both the complainant and respondent,” the analysis noted, “the Safe Campus Act would substantially undermine the ability of institutions of higher education to prevent and respond to campus sexual assaults and would have a dangerous chilling effect on the willingness of survivors/victims to report sexual assaults.”

“APLU is deeply troubled that the bill would prohibit a college or university from initiating a student disciplinary proceeding or taking disciplinary action against a student accused of sexual violence unless the survivor/victim has reported to law enforcement,” the analysis added.

The full legislative analysis can be found here.

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