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APLU Presents Alternative to Ratings Plan at Dept. of Ed Symposium

February 12, 2014—APLU’s Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Christine Keller served as an expert panelist at the U.S. Department of Education’s Postsecondary Institution Ratings System (PIRS) on February 6, which explored the technical aspects of developing President Obama’s proposed college ratings system.

Keller, who was the only representative from a higher education association to present at the symposium, discussed public universities’ support for President Obama’s goals of increased transparency and accountability, but detailed significant concerns with a ratings plan. Her presentation, which you can view here, outlined APLU’s alternative plan as a more effective way to achieve the president’s objectives of improved consumer decision-making and more effective accountability.

APLU’s plan, which can be viewed at www.aplu.org/alternativeplan, supports making essential and accurate information about all higher education institutions widely available so that students, their families and the public can make judgments on institutions based on their own priorities. In addition, APLU proposes tightening up the Title IV federal student aid eligibility process and evaluating institutions against key metrics, after adjusting for the incoming characteristics of an institution’s students. These measurements should have real consequences, which would be in keeping with the president’s goals to protect students and better use federal resources.

Inside Higher Ed has published a compilation list of the formal written responses to the ratings system RFI.

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