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Meeting Workforce Needs

Public universities are committed to ensuring students graduate with the skills and knowledge they need to compete in the modern workforce.

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APLU released a report outlining steps universities, industry, and policymakers can take to strengthen collaboration among higher education and industry to advance U.S. innovation and competitiveness.
Photo Courtesy of University of Minnesota
Administrators of colleges of food, agriculture, and natural resources surveyed alumni and employers to consider specific skills and experiences that enhance student and workforce outcomes. These reports focus on employability skills—the nontechnical skills used in the workforce.
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APLU is working  with the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development at Purdue University to build and pilot a model for creating career pathways for low-income rural students while addressing the needs of rural employers. 
Photo Courtesy of Northern Arizona University
APLU partnered with the Lightweight Innovations For Tomorrow and the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences to complete an initiative aimed at strengthening university engineering and materials science curricula to meet competency needs for cutting-edge manufacturing.