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Projects & Initiatives

STEM Education

STEM Education
Aspire: The National Alliance for Inclusive & Diverse STEM Faculty is an NSF-backed initiative aimed at expanding the diversity of STEM faculty by increasing the number and percentage of underrepresented and traditionally underserved groups, consisting of women, members of minority racial and ethnic groups, persons with disabilities, and those from low socioeconomic backgrounds.
STEM Education
Advancing Mathematics Pathways for Student Success (AMPSS) is a coalition to coordinate a national drive to address undergraduate mathematics as a significant academic barrier for students pursuing degrees and credentials.
Clemson University
Economic Development & Engagement
Lightweight Innovations For Tomorrow (LIFT), APLU, and the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) created an Expert Educator Team (EET) to identify how colleges and universities can modify curricula to meet the knowledge, skills, and abilities workers will need for jobs in the advanced manufacturing sector.
STEM Education
The goal of the Network is to foster communication and interaction among STEM education centers to enhance their capacity to support effective undergraduate STEM education.
Urban Initiatives
Diversity in the biomedical sciences improves research outcomes, advances new cures and treatments, and aids recruitment of diverse patient populations for clinical trials. Yet there are few evidence‐based strategies for improving diversity within STEM and biomedical science doctoral programs. The Coalition of Urban Serving Universities and APLU are working with a set of partners to change that.
STEM Education
The MTE-Partnership provides a coordinated research, development, and implementation effort for secondary mathematics teacher preparation programs. The Partnership was initially formed to meet the challenges of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and to embody research and best practices in the field.
STEM Education
The Science and Mathematics Teaching Imperative is the most ambitious national initiative that assists public universities in their effort to increase the number and improve the quality and diversity of science and mathematics teachers prepared.
STEM Education
Through SEMINAL: Student Engagement through an Institutional Network for Active Learning, faculty will collaborate with APLU to better understand both how to sustain success in implementing active learning in undergraduate mathematics classes and how to facilitate similar success at other institutions.

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