Communications & Marketing Committee

The Communications and Marketing Committee (CMC) is a standing committee of APLU’s Board on Agriculture Assembly (BAA) Policy Board of Directors. The CMC oversees and guides the educational effort to increase awareness of the land-grant universities’ agricultural and related programs, Agricultural Experiment Stations, and Cooperative Extension Services. The CMC is supported by three sections of the BAA: Administrative Heads, Cooperative Extension, and Experiment Station.


Nancy Cox (Southern AHS)
Vice President for Land-grant Engagement and Dean
University of Kentucky

Incoming Chair
Shelly Nickols-Richardson (CES)
Associate Dean, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Director, University of Illinois Extension & Outreach
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Past Chair
JF Meullenet (SAAESD)
Associate Vice President for Agriculture Research
Director of the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station
University of Arkansas

Communications Representative, 1890s
Latasha Ford
Research Communications Specialist
College of Agriculture, Family Sciences and Technology
Fort Valley State University

Communications Representative, Southern Region
Frankie Gould
Associate Vice President & Professor
LSU AgCenter
Louisiana State University

Communications Representative, Western Region
Jennifer Alexander
Director, Extension Communications
Oregon State University

Communications Representative, North Central Region
Michelle Enger
Communications Director
College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
University of Missouri

Communications Representative, Northeast Region
Stacey Stearns
Extension Communications Specialist
University of Connecticut

Academic Programs Section
Cynda Clary
Associate Dean
Ferguson College of Agriculture
Oklahoma State University

Council on Governmental Affairs
Anne Megaro
Government and Community Relations Director
University of California

Association for Communication Excellence
Elizabeth Gregory North
Head, Extension Ag Communications
Mississippi State University

Ex-officio Members

Administrative Heads Section Executive Director
Doug Steele
Vice President, Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources
Association of Public and Land-grant Universities

Communications and Partnerships Assistant Vice President
Andrea Putman
AVP, Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources
Association of Public and Land-grant Universities

Executive Vice-Chair
Rick Rhodes
Associate Dean, Research and Outreach
Associate Director, RI Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension
University of Rhode Island

Assistant Executive Vice-Chair
David Leibovitz
Coordinator, Northeastern Regional Association
University of Rhode Island

Kim Scotto
Senior Associate, Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources
Association of Public and Land-grant Universities

International Agriculture Section
Manoj Shukla
Professor and Director, ACES Global Program and Aggies Go Global
College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
New Mexico State University

National Institute of Food and Agriculture Liaison
Faith Peppers
Director of Communications
National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Multistate Research Fund Impacts Program
Sara Delheimer
Program Coordinator/Writer
Multistate Research Fund Impacts Program

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