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Participate in APLU’s Innovation and Economic Prosperity University Designation Program; Letters of Intent Due October 31, 2023

APLU’s Innovation and Economic Prosperity (IEP) University Designation program is accepting letters of intent from institutions interested in pursuing the designation in the Class of 2023. The program recognizes universities with a demonstrated institutional commitment to spurring and promoting regional economic development. The letters of intent must come from a university president or chancellor and are due October 31.

Participating institutions collaborate across campus and with off-campus stakeholders to assess their strengths and growth areas across their economic engagement enterprise, all while engaging in a community of peer institutions across North America. The program helps universities advance their strategy and practice across the three components of “economic engagement.”

  • Talent and workforce development
  • Innovation, entrepreneurship, and tech-based economic development
  • Place development via public outreach, Cooperative Extension, and community engagement

IEP designees have derived numerous substantive outcomes from their IEP work, including enhancing economic development units, strategic plans, communication, advocacy, and public affairs efforts.

APLU institutions that earn the designation are then eligible to apply for APLU’s IEP University Awards, which recognizes specific projects and initiatives in talent and workforce development; Innovation and entrepreneurship; and place development through social, cultural and community engagement. IEP designees are also engaged in research and projects undertaken by APLU to maximize universities’ economic and societal impact.

Full details regarding the steps to participate in the program can be found here. There is no cost to participate for APLU member institutions. Non-APLU member institutions must pay a participation fee depending on their enrollment size.

If your institution is interested in seeking the IEP designation, schedule a 30-minute meeting with the IEP team through Calendly to discuss your institution’s involvement, address additional questions, and further illustrate IEP’s impact on peer institutions. Contact APLU’s IEP team at iep@aplu.org for questions regarding the IEP program.

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