Wendy Fink
Executive Director, Academic Programs Section

2023 Academic Programs Staff Development Workshop

Academic programs staff provide support services and programming vital to students and faculty in their respective colleges. Such activities include but are not limited to: student recruitment; career services; study abroad coordination; advising support; undergraduate research; scholarship administration; and diversity, equity, and inclusion training. In many cases, these professionals may be expected to shoulder several of these responsibilities within their respective college. This workshop, hosted Feb. 8-10, 2023, provided staff the rare opportunity to meet others in similar positions to their own from other institutions. With the exception of the Keynote presentation, the presentations shown below come from academic programs staff, demonstrating the excellence they deliver on a daily basis.

Charting the Future: Supporting Holistic Student Development and Wellbeing – Lamar Hylton, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, Kent State University

Our Work Seminars: Creating a Vision for Students Through Film – Megan Adamson, Bridget Brown, Megan Ross, Amy Wright, Auburn University
Prepare for the Fair: Utilizing Instagram and LinkedIn as Educational and Marketing Tools for Career Fair Preparation – Taylor Harbuck and Kristin Knight, Oklahoma State University
Modernizing the Extension Internship Experience – Charlotte Emerson and Cathy Herren Carr, University of Florida
Implementation of an Early Alert System and Impact on Student Success – Sharyn Freyermuth and Katie Ogan, University of Missouri
Ferguson College Student Lunch and Learns: Maximize Professional Development, Skill Building, and Team Bonding at the Same Time – Taylor Harbuck and Herb Lengel, Oklahoma State University
• Built-in Support Structure: Making an Impact for Students and Staff – Molly Wilson, Maria Woods, Pete Ziegler, Susan Sumner, Jennifer Carr, Cindy Beatty, and Stephanie Slocum, Virginia Tech

• What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger: Using Gallup’s Clifton Strengths to Combat Burnout and Develop Emotional Intelligence – Sandra Addo, Texas Tech University and Meg Kloserman Kester, University of Nebraska
Scholarship Program Administration: Best Practices, Streamlining Processes, and Compliance – Paul Dorres, Oregon State University
• Cultural Competency in Higher Education: An Exploration of How State Mandated Cultural Competence Standards Can Address Disparities in Higher Education Among Marginalized Populations – Johannah Hamilton, Oregon State University
Building Student Cohort Database for Success – Maria Woods and Pete Ziegler, Virginia Tech

Facilitating Student Organization Growth Post-Pandemic – Zachary Brown and Crenel Francis, Purdue University
CALS Cares: Impacts of Embedded Wellness Initiatives – Coleman Simpson, Kim Allen, and Rhonda Sutton, North Carolina State University
Go Global! – Shanon Dickerson, University of Missouri
Creating Transformational Experience for Undergraduate Students – Elizabeth Byers-Doten and Victoria Dell, Purdue University

• Student Recruitment in Today’s World – Cassie Johnson, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Uniting Silos – Development of a Comprehensive College Recruitment Plan – Zachary Brown and Andrea Lutz, Purdue University
Recruitment and Communications – Reagan Brown and Kathleen Matz, University of Missouri
Developing Strategic Partnerships for Outreach Initiatives – Crenel Francis and Anna Williams, Purdue University

Breaking Barriers: Embedding DEI Practices within Recruitment and Retention Strategies – Zachary Brown and Andrea Lutz, Purdue University
• Celebrating Culture and Agriculture – Jose Uscanga, Oklahoma State University
• Understanding Cultural Climate at an 1862 – Raymond Thomas and Z. Wiley, Kansas State University
Student Engagement Critical to Closing the Achievement Gap for BIPOC Students – Wanda Crannel and Rachel Jones, Oregon State University
Teaching a First-Year Seminar Course and Retaining College of Agriculture Undergraduate Students – Tim Kerr and Alyssa Powers, Purdue University