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2018 APLU Annual Report

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APLU Annual Report CoverAPLU is pleased to present its 2018 Annual Report. Our association and membership engaged in a wide array of projects and initiatives centering on the three pillars of our work

  • Expand access and improve student success to deliver the innovative workforce of tomorrow.
  • Advance and promote research and discovery to improve society, foster economic growth, and address global challenges.
  • Build healthy, prosperous, equitable, and vibrant communities locally and globally.

With dynamics in Washington changing on an almost daily basis, APLU has a strong presence on Capitol Hill and with federal agencies. With the active engagement of its members, APLU is a leading voice on research and higher education issues as well as on immigration policies that support public universities’ mission.

APLU’s work extends far beyond federal policy. Backed by a strong team of policy analysts and innovative leaders in higher education, APLU effectively operates as a “think-and-do tank.” The Association doesn’t just develop innovative policies that advance public universities’ education, research, and engagement missions; we work with members to design innovative approaches and then partner with members to ensure our ideas don’t collect dust on a shelf. 2019 will be demanding, but it will also provide opportunities. We’ve seen time and again the power of public universities to change the course of students’ lives, to tackle society’s most vexing problems, and to revitalize the communities that others had long ago forgotten.

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