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Recommendations: Continuous Improvement

Recommendation 19. The institution develops a system of accountability, including peer-to-peer accountability.

Tools for Recommendation 19

  • Program Audits and Reviews
    Available at OSHA.
    OSHA’s Safety & Health Management Systems eTool provides guidance on doing a root cause analysis, accident analysis, re-evaluating disciplinary/incentive programs, retraining, and evaluating effectiveness of corrective actions.
  • Laboratory Safety Compliance Procedure and Implementation Plan
    Available at UCLA (Compliance Procedure) and (Implementation Plan)

    UCLA has a three-tiered approach to dealing with PIs with repeat non-compliance findings on EH&S inspections. This procedure was developed by a faculty-led Chemical and Physical Safety Committee.
  • Creating a Safety Culture (OSHA, 1989):
    • Develop a system of accountability for all levels of the organization. Everyone must play by the same rules and be held accountable for their areas of responsibility. Sign of a strong culture is when the individuals hold themselves accountable.

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