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2021 Award RecipientUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-Chapel Hill) has made globalizing the university one of the top priorities in its strategic plan. Under the Global Guarantee, Carolina’s promise that a global education is available to every student, the university has expanded the menu of global learning opportunities. Carolina faculty have embraced Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), through an initiative launched by the Office of the Vice Provost for Global Affairs in summer 2020. In addition to traditional study abroad opportunities, students can also enroll in virtual study abroad to undertake research projects, internships, or courses at a partner university. UNC-Chapel Hill’s robust network of partnerships around the world produces results and substantially advances Carolina’s aspiration to be the leading global public research university. Learn more about UNC Chapel Hill’s internationalization efforts.

2020 Award RecipientUniversity of California, Davis

University of California, Davis has taken a multidimensional approach to internationalizing its campus. The university’s Global Education for All initiative aims to provide every undergraduate, graduate, and professional student with global learning opportunities. Since 2015, participation in study abroad has increased 28 percent and participation in global internships has more than doubled. To promote global research and engagement, the university created global centers to better link UC Davis with researchers across the globe. The university also created a set of advisory groups tasked with advancing the university’s internationalization in education, research, and engagement. Learn more about UC Davis’ internationalization efforts.

2019 Award RecipientUniversity of South Florida

The University of South Florida has embraced a holistic approach to campus internationalization. In 2014, the university launched its USF Education Abroad Inclusion Initiative to broaden participation in study abroad. Additionally, USF has robust international engagement through research and engagement, and has established an extensive assessment framework to monitor the university’s global footprint. Learn more about USF’s internationalization efforts.

2018 Award RecipientFlorida State University

Florida State University is working to secure its place as a leader in internationalization. Offering study abroad opportunities in 60 disciplines at 20 locations across the globe, FSU ranks twelfth in the nation in study abroad participation. Learn more about FSU’s internationalization efforts.


2017 Award RecipientUniversity of Calgary

The University of Calgary is working to become a global intellectual hub through the international strategy it launched in 2013. Leveraging the four pillars of its international strategy – diversity, cross-cultural competencies, partnerships and international development – the University of Calgary made vital strides in internationalizing its campus. Learn more about the University of Calgary’s internationalization efforts.

2016 Inaugural Award RecipientUniversity of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota established a wide-ranging internationalization effort that spans the entire institution – from international students and study abroad to research projects and curriculum design. Learn more about the University of Minnesota’s internationalization efforts.

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