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Recommendations: Institution-Wide Dynamics and Resources

Recommendation 6. The campus lead, leadership team, and faculty, embed safety communication in laboratories, classes, departments and throughout the wider campus.

Tools for Recommendation 6

  • Create campus-specific safety videos to use at public meetings.
  • Open formal meetings on campus with a safety message.
  • From Safe Science: Promoting a Culture of Safety in Academic Chemical Research (NRC, 2014):
    • Conclusion 4: There are several key attributes related to research group dynamics that contribute to the advancement of the laboratory safety culture. A strong, positive safety culture includes regular safety communication, for example, “safety moments” in academic research events (e.g. seminars, group meeting, doctoral defenses, and teaching includes open communication about safety as a key element that is sought out, values, and acted upon.
  • From Cultures in Academic Institutions (ACS, 2012):
    • Recommendation 16. Establish a system to promote safety in an institution or department that encompasses: electronic communications; printed materials;’ special seminars or events discussing or promoting safety; a recognition system for good safety performance; and a process to solicit, review, and act on suggestions for improving safety and identifying safety issues.

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