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Reimagining Teaching to Maximize Student Learning

APLU is working with members to reimagine and improve teaching so students are prepared for a lifetime of learning. The projects are aimed at scaling best practices across all types of public institutions.

Photo Courtesy of University of Houston
PxP brings together 125 institutions to increase college access, student success, and postsecondary attainment. The initiative is the largest-ever collaborative effort to improve outcomes through innovations in affordability, teaching and learning, and holistic student supports.
Colorado State University
APLU's Personalized Learning Consortium engages member institutions in projects advancing adoption of personalized learning. PLC has worked with more than 20 institutions implementing digital courseware and tools in high priority courses using evidence-based methods focused on reducing equity gaps. 
Photo Courtesy of Portland State University
The Student Experience Project is using more than a decade of social psychology research showing positive experiences of community, belonging, and support on campus and in the classroom can increase a student’s likelihood of persevering through academic challenges.
Georgia State University
PLC members cooperate to share experiences and expertise, identify promising and trustworthy vendors and partners, influence data practices, and organize multi-institutional projects that benefit from scale and community.
Photo Courtesy of SDSU
SEMINAL is a NSF-funded effort examination of how to effective implement active learning in undergraduate math classes. APLU is partnering with three lead institutions and 23 additional universities to drive institutional change.
Photo Courtesy of University of Missouri
APLU and the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning at the University of Wisconsin are leading a NSF-funded collaborative effort to diversify STEM faculty and ensure all STEM faculty use inclusive teaching practices.
George Mason University STEM Education
Aiming to transform undergraduate STEM education, APLU created a network of over 200 STEM Education Centers to promulgate best practices and address shared challenges. This includes resources and news for the community and stakeholders.
Georgia State University
The MTE-Partnership is working to address the national shortage of well-prepared secondary mathematics teachers through a coordinated research, development, and implementation effort. The partnership convenes community colleges, universities, K-12 schools, and others.