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Removing Affordability Barriers

While public universities continue to provide the most affordable path to a quality higher education and the associated benefits, steep cuts in state funding have pressured public institutions to increase tuition in order to make up some of the loses in state funding. APLU is working with members to ensure public universities remain affordable for all students.

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PxP brings together 125 institutions to increase college access, student success, and graduation. The initiative is the largest-ever collaborative effort to improve outcomes through innovations in affordability, teaching and learning, and holistic student supports.

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The Pell Grant is the nation’s foundational investment in higher education, serving seven million students annually. Doubling the maximum Pell Grant will help more students earn a degree, get a good-paying job, and increase economic mobility.

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College Completion Fund

A first-of-its-kind federal completion fund would invest in evidence-based strategies for increasing student success. The program could help scale many of the evidence-based and innovative new student success practices. 

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Completion Grants

Completion grants of a few hundred dollars help low-income students who’ve exhausted aid pay for college as they near graduation. APLU and USU are now undertaking a rigorous review of the most effective way to implement completion grants.

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APLU’s Public University Values (#PublicUValues) campaign illuminates key facts about the value of public universities and clarify common misconceptions on college costs; student debt; lifetime earnings; societal benefits; and research and community engagement.