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Preparing Students for the Workforce & Post-Collegiate Success

Public universities are helping students build the skills they need for long lasting careers in today’s evolving workplace. Meeting learner and workforce needs requires public higher education to build partnerships with employers, community colleges, workforce boards, and other important stakeholders.

Building a Future Workforce for All Learners

Public research universities are deploying a diverse array of strategies to build 21st Century skills for learners through new models for higher education and life-long learning.

Employability Skills in Agriculture & Natural Resources

Administrators of colleges of food, agriculture, and natural resources surveyed alumni and employers to consider specific skills and experiences that enhance student and workforce outcomes. These reports focus on employability skills—the nontechnical skills used in the workforce.

Driving Competitiveness Report Cover

Driving Competitiveness Through University-Industry Partnerships

APLU released a report outlining steps universities, industry, and policymakers can take to strengthen collaboration among higher education and industry to advance U.S. innovation and competitiveness.

Integrating Industry Certifications with Degrees

Integrating Industry Certifications with Degrees

Nearly 11.2 million adults whose highest degree is a high school diploma also hold a professional certification or license. APLU and USU are examining how these credentials can also achieve better educational outcomes for graduates of four-year universities.

Aligning Technology and Talent Development

Aligning Technology and Talent Development

APLU partnered with the Lightweight Innovations For Tomorrow and the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences to complete an initiative aimed at strengthening university engineering and materials science curricula to meet competency needs for cutting-edge manufacturing.


APLU’s Public University Values (#PublicUValues) campaign illuminates key facts about the value of public universities and clarify common misconceptions on college costs; student debt; lifetime earnings; societal benefits; and research and community engagement.

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College Completion Fund

A first-of-its-kind federal completion fund would invest in evidence-based strategies for increasing student success. The program could help scale many of the evidence-based and innovative new student success practices.