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Personalized Learning Consortium

Personalized Learning Consortium (PLC) Mission:

The PLC works with universities to improve equitable student success with a particular emphasis on improving student outcomes in gateway courses. We leverage learning science, evidence-based teaching, and effective use of educational technologies to enhance and support teaching and learning in higher education. When these practices are combined and implemented well, students receive personalized instruction, faculty receive real-time data to provide personalized support for students, and institutions can scale the improved processes to support both faculty and students.

These collaborative scaling initiatives are integral to academic digital transformation and enhancing student success. As a collaborative network, membership in the PLC positions universities to learn from each other to ignite economics of scale when technology leveraged well while improving student success.

What is Personalized Learning?

Personalized learning seeks to improve student learning outcomes by tailoring the instructional environment to address the needs and skills of individual learners. Evidence-based teaching and student support practices are combined with sophisticated digitally transformative technologies that produce large quantities of learning-related data. These initiatives promote personalized learning environments which can improve retention and graduation rates at scale.

New and established academic commercial education technology providers are expanding their offerings to create personalized learning paths, early warning signs, and targeted interventions to keep students on track in the classroom.

Membership Information

There are two categories of membership in the PLC, “Sustaining” and “Basic.” Sustaining members are active participants in PLC governance and determining the agenda of the PLC.

Both Sustaining and Basic members have access to all PLC initiatives, several days of staff consulting, along with opportunities to be part of cooperative projects, network exchanges, and grant proposals. Sustaining members are welcome to be part of the advisory board to guide the mission and goals of the PLC.

If your institution is interested in participating in the Consortium, please have your chief academic officer or other senior academic leader contact Dr. Karen Vignare, Vice President, Digital Transformation for Student Success and Executive Director of the Personalized Learning Consortium, to register institutional interest.

For current members, please contact Karen Vignare for support on any digital transformation needs.

For general inquiries, please contact plconsortium@aplu.org.

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