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Declaration on University Global Engagement

In 2017, a group of international education leaders decided it was important in the current global political climate for the higher education community to come together to reaffirm its commitment to global engagement. Under the leadership of President Ángel Cabrera of George Mason University, this group has launched a new initiative to voice the higher education community’s commitment to global engagement through a declaration. The declaration recognizes, among other things, that to provide excellent education to our students and to solve our world’s most pressing problems requires of our institutions an openness to—and engagement with—ideas, knowledge, and people from all parts of the world.

Several APLU and non-members institutions have signed this declaration, and we would like to encourage any interested institution to consider joining this initiative as well. The declaration is open for any non-profit university or college to sign, as well as higher education associations and institutes. To learn more about the declaration and to view its signatories thus far go to: www.globallyengageduniversities.org