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Equity Roundtables

Having students’ experiences reflected in institutional policies and procedures is key to achieving our commitment to equity. A group of Powered by Publics universities, along with members of the Coalition of Urban Serving Universities, were competitively selected to hold a series of roundtable discussions with students, alumni, and administrators around what needs to change to achieve equity in higher education. The roundtables were intentionally designed to provide member institutions a collaborative space and place to include student voices in their efforts to advance student success.

Four regional roundtables were held in Summer 2022, hosted by:

  • University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
  • University of Colorado Denver
  • University of Nebraska – Lincoln
  • University of Texas at Arlington

A full list of participating institutions and their students is included in the final report, below.

The roundtables engaged a diverse group of university leaders, adult students of color, transfer students, current students from marginalized populations, and alumni to engage in candid conversations about systemic barriers that contribute to inequitable outcomes, and strategies to overcome such obstacles for all students, particularly those from marginalized populations. The roundtables took a comprehensive approach, tackling the issues of equitable access, equitable student success, and equitable career pathways.

Results of these roundtables including key insights, student-posed solutions, and resources to support institutions in making changes that will advance equity, are highlighted in a final report, Advancing Equity, Centering Student Perspectives.

This project helps advance Powered by Publics’ first strategic priority – taking explicit action to pursue educational equity for low-income, first-generation, and students of color. For more information, please contact Alcioné Frederick at afrederick@aplu.org.

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