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164th BIFAD Public Meeting

The Nexus of Agriculture, Nutrition and Human Health

October 16, 2012

Downtown Des Moines Marriott
Salons B/C, Second Floor

Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Agenda:

8:45 am: Chair Brady Deaton opens meeting and reviews agenda

Old Business
New Business

9:00am: The Future for Efforts in Agriculture, Nutrition & Human Health: Updates on Feed the Future/G8 “New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition”
Dr. Julie Howard, Senior Adviser to the Administrator on Research, Education and Extension and Chief Scientist, Bureau Food Security, USAID

9:20am: How are USAID Efforts Progressing for the Nexus of Health, Nutrition and Agriculture after a Natural Disaster: The USAID/BIFAD Haiti Visit Report

Dr. Elsa Murano, BIFAD member
The Honorable Marty McVey, BIFAD member

9:40am: Review of Research Models Working on Agriculture, Nutrition and Human Health:The Report by CRSP Review Team and BIFAD

Dr. Brady Deaton, BIFAD Chair
Dr. Robert J. Jones, Sr. Vice-President, University of Minnesota
USAID Response – Dr. Rob Bertram, Director, BFS Office of Agriculture, Research, and Policy

10:10-10:30am: Public Comment period

10:30-10:45am: Break

10:45am: Panel One: Key issues in Agriculture and Nutrition Linkages for Development

Moderator – Jo Luck, BIFAD member
Dr. Patrick Webb, Nutrition CRSP, Tufts University- Promoting improved nutrition while enhancing agriculture: analysis of why is it so hard to do and to demonstrate?
Dr. John McDermott, Director, CGIAR Research Program on Nutrition, IFPRI- CGIAR’s Research Program 4: Agriculture for Improved Nutrition & Health- application of research results

Q&A – BIFAD members first, then audience, time-permitting

11:45am: Update on USAID Higher Education Solutions Network
Dr. Alex Dehgan, USAID Science and Technology Advisor

12:15– 1:30pm Lunch on your own

1:45pm: Panel Two: Key Mechanisms for Effective University Involvement in Agriculture and Nutrition Linkages for Development

Moderator – Dr. Gebisa Ejeta, BIFAD member
Dr. Anna Herforth, World Bank – How universities can play a role in the development of current guidance for linking agriculture and nutrition in development
Dr. Emily Levitt Ruppert, Independent Consultant – Role of nutrition and agriculture in post-conflict development: role for universities in program implementation

2:45pm: Respondent
Dr. Sally Abbott – Nutrition and Food Security Technical Advisor, Global Health Programs

3:00 pm: BIFAD Awards for Scientific Excellence in a USAID CRSP

Dr. James E. Simon, Rutgers University
Geraldine Mukashamami, Michigan State University

3:30pm: Public Comment period

3:45pm: Public Meeting adjourned

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