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U.S. universities play a vital role in the battle against world hunger. Title XII, the “Famine Prevention and Freedom from Hunger” Amendment (1975) to the Foreign Assistance Act, legislated the engagement and partnership of U.S. universities and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in the fight to end hunger. The legislation also established an advisory Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD) to advise USAID. BIFAD is a seven-member presidentially appointed advisory body whose members are drawn from the U.S. university community as well as the private sector. APLU provided programmatic support to BIFAD from 2004 – 2020.

The bold vision of Title XII legislation mobilized the scientific expertise of the U.S. academic community and their partners to improve agricultural development assistance with an aim to prevent famine and end hunger. Title XII describes a “coordinated program” where research, education exchanges, and extension are engaged to combat the complex challenges of food insecurity.

Through Title XII, USAID has formed effective partnerships with U.S. universities. The Feed the Future Innovation Labs are a cornerstone of USAID’s Title XII activities in food security. The Labs represent the coordinated programs that Title XII describes, with comprehensive projects that incorporate research, education, and extension in partnership with an array of stakeholders, from academic institutions to government ministries to farmer collectives. These programs are developing and mentoring future scientists, leaders, innovators, producers, and farmers around the world. They are advancing the livelihoods of people through innovation and scientific research.

The promise of Title XII legislation is the best of U.S. government assistance. The legislation remains the catalyst for effective partnerships that provide benefits both to people in developing countries and to the American people—the U.S. farmers, companies, workers, consumers, researchers, and taxpayers who are all directly benefiting from America’s investments in international development. After 45 years of implementation, Title XII legislation continues to truly make a difference in the lives of people both overseas and here at home.

Visit the APLU-BIFAD Library for the Title XII Reports to Congress.

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