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Kellogg Commission on the Future of State and Land-Grant Universities

The Kellogg Commission on the Future of State and Land-Grant Universities existed between January 1996 and March 2000 in order to create an awareness among public universities of the need for higher education reform.

The Kellogg Commission, consisting of the presidents and chancellors of 25 major public universities, produced six reports and held numerous meetings on campuses throughout America urging a return to the educational values and dedication of the past. The commission called for discussion and actions on campuses to reinvigorate the student experience, improve student access, energize and enhance partnerships with the public served by the university, address the role of public universities in a learning society, and attend to the culture of the campus. A final report called for a renewal of the partnership of the public university with the society it serves. At the time of their release all of the reports were well received by academe throughout the United States.

Five years after the Commission’s final meeting a follow-up report was published. It served as an assessment of the Commission based on responses to a letter sent to presidents, chancellors, and friends of public higher education. The presidents and chancellors were requested to express their view s on the effectiveness of the Commission and to share examples of transformative changes on their campuses.

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