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Shannon Looney
Project Manager
Collaborating for Change



How does Collaborating for Change work?

Collaboration, both on campus and off, is a powerful strategy to move the dial on student success. Collaborating for Change institutions understand the transformative power of collaboration on their campus, in their community and with each of their peers. Through the initiative, APLU and USU seek to accelerate and scale transformative approaches to improve student success at member institutions. These solutions will integrate a holistic understanding of the student experience, from recruitment to completion, while leveraging low-cost solutions and partnerships within an urban university’s entire ecosystem. Universities will have the opportunity to apply and receive support to collaborate and share innovations that work. Collaborating for Change will also publish reports, hold webinars, and release other communications to foster institutional collaboration throughout the initiative and to foster learning communities that stretch across the country.


Featured Project & Initiative

The Data Literacy Institute – a partnership between APLU and the Association for Institutional Research with funding from Ascendium – brings together cross-departmental teams from 11 Powered by Publics institutions from Cluster 14 to engage in training that enhance their use of data to improve equitable student outcomes. In May 2022, Powered by Publics held […]

Featured Publication

2022 APLU Annual Report